Artist, Graphic Designer and Researcher
(ES, CL~1997)
Barcelona based.  

Andrea’s practice explores storytelling as a gesture to activate and enchant transformational experiences through her audiovisual installations, graphic work, performances, workshops, and lectures. Her focus on storytelling encompasses ecological narratives, animism, hybridity, magic, and dreams; which for her, re-enchant this world, open new worlds and allow for a regenerative narrative to birth in a society of rigidity and linearity. Her graphic language involves gestures such as ornaments, illustrations, photography, website design, and riso-printing.

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Cruda Collective 


Poster-flyer for the weekend programm at Extrapool: It broke but its ok we still have the pieces,  May and June Edition.  Riso-printed at Knustpress, Extrapool.

Poster - Map for film De Allá Pa Acá (2021)

Publication design for Luïza Luz’s Beneath the surface (2024), soon to be published.

Poster for film Hilos en Hilos, presented at the Muharraq Film Festival in Bahrain , 2023.

Poster for exibihition No more Cruel Optimism, in London. Design in collaboration with 
Naomi Hettiarachchige.

Poster Deisgn for Musician Anne Eddin’g Final Perfomance INTU.