Artist, Graphic Designer and Researcher
(ES, CL~1997)
Barcelona based.  

Andrea’s practice explores storytelling as a gesture to activate and enchant transformational experiences through her audiovisual installations, graphic work, performances, workshops, and lectures. Her focus on storytelling encompasses ecological narratives, animism, hybridity, magic, and dreams; which for her, re-enchant this world, open new worlds and allow for a regenerative narrative to birth in a society of rigidity and linearity. Her graphic language involves gestures such as ornaments, illustrations, photography, website design, and riso-printing.

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Cruda Collective 


Cruda Collective, Research duo with Laila Saber Rodríguez. Based between Barcelona and The Netherlands.

Master in Audiovisual Innovation and Interactive Spaces at Bau, Barcelona, CAT.

Andrea Galano Toro
Freelance Graphic designer and film-maker.

Graphic design Internship at Slavs and Tatars. Berlin, DE.

Honours Programme, Minor in Theory and Research. 
ArtEZ University of the Arts. Deventer, NL.

BA Graphic Design, ArtEZ University of the Arts.
Arnhem, NL

BA Design (first year)
Universidad de Chile, FAU. Santiago, CL.


EMERGENT MYTHS THAT BREAK IT ALL.  Four days Workshop by Cruda Collective part of Sprint week at Graphic Design Department. Exploring hybrid creatures, mythology, ecology and emergent strategies. 
ArtEZ Arnhem,NL.

SHAPESHIFTERS matters of ghost, demons and monsters. One day Workshop by Cruda Collective at Bio Labs program. AKI ArtEZ Enschede, NL.

BEING ALL EARS with gal sherizly, is a space to shift the attention of the senses through playful exercises of deep listening, writing, and embodiment.Part of the seminar Planetary Embodiment led by Luïza Luz. Udk Berlin, DE.

SHAPESHIFTERS making a postnatural bestiary. Workshop by Cruda Collective as part of the exhibition The mesuare of the Word.

RAINFOREST AS METHODOLOGY by Cruda Collective. Rainforests will be presented as a mirror of the student’s artistic practice, through which the students can begin to translate ecological principles to a method to dissect and situate their artistic research practice. with APRIA, at AKI.
ArtEZ Enschede, NL. 

We are all jinxed with Failure: a Path of Curse-breaking. Spellwriting workshop by Cruda Collective. Part of the program: it broke but its ok we still have the pieces.
At Extrapool.
Nijmegen, NL.

COOKING DREAMS with Gal Sherizly. Writing workshop part of the Planetary Embodiment Decay and Transformation in Language, Culture, and its Narratives, taught by Luïza Luz.. Where the students write a glossary and a collective recipe for Dreaming.
(Online) udk, Berlin.

HYBRIDZ,SPELLZ, TONGUEZ & RAW BEINGZ. Three day workshop taught by Cruda collective, On spells, wxtchcraft, hybrid identities and decolonial narratives, as part of KetiKoti week at ArtEZ Theather Deparment, Arnhem, NL.


       July- August 2024
Residency at Petrohradska Kolektiv: AIR: Building the Present, Prague, CZ.

        July 2024
xCoAx Conference: Presenting Paper: ‘Embracing death processes: A humanistic Inquiry into Art, Technology and HCI’ with Rocío Goméz and Quelic Berga , Treviso, IT.

       April- July 2024
SMTH + Niio Art, Rerooted (Cruda Collective 2024) , winner  open callQue mundo queremos? (what word do we want) Various Cities , ES.



TERRA PETRA Residency, Valley of the possible made possible through Museo del Hongo. Araucania, CL.

OnSite Residency, with Museum Kesselhaus Herzberge. Berlin, DE.



Estados Correcionales, Planta Kinetica (2024), 
Buenos Aires, ARG.

the premiere of the video Living Riddles, with the support from Museo del Hongo. 
Bosque Pehuén, CL.

 Book Launch At Hopscotch Reading Room with Luïza Luz and gal sherizly.  Berlin, DE.

Melting Rock, Still Wind
溶ける岩、留まる風 Group Exibihition at “MINE” curated by Yindi Chen, invited by Yamanaka Suplex.  
Osaka, Japan.


SONIC ACTS Biennale, ‘One Sun After Another’.
W139 Amsterdam, NL.

OnSite Festival, with Museum Kesselhaus Herzberge. Berlin, DE.

Group show and activation from Privileadge of Dreaming Invited by Interspace Collective.
After the Butcher, Berlin, DE.

Video “the pill” shown in GalerieDeJaloezie‘s screens of  as part of their found-footage selection Digital Debris.
The Grey Space in the Middle, The Hague, NL.

Edition Unreliable Narrators. Online Event, (watch here).
Physical at Reneenee AMS.

MAFA, with Museum Arnhem & Focus, Arnhem, NL.

FIBER FESTIVAL, Mutation Stream: Short film festival.(ONLINE) Amsterdam, NL.

What’s present
ArtEZ Graduation Exhibition. Arnhem, NL

Algorythmic Fitness
Motel Spatie. Arnhem NL.

Parasiting Parasites
Motel Spatie, Arnhem NL.


AQUAPHILIA at TRAUMBURG FESTIVAL, with Anne Eding Castle near Prödel,DE.

TENEBRIS, by Cruda Collective. Lecture / performance reading of Deserts of Water, exploring fluid narratives and dark birthings, but it starts with the temperature droping...
At Not Just a Fair.
Arnhem, NL

ENSUEÑOS by Cruda Collective in collaboration with sound artist Ruisvogel. Spell cast form dreaming while awake. Part of the programm: It broke but its ok we still have the pieces. at Extrapool, Nijmegen.


SMTH + Niio Art, Cruda collective: Mapping the Untamed, Varias Ciudades, ES.

MAFA, World building alumni Talk with Laila Saber Rodriguez. Arnhem, NL.

Syntax Finals 2021 Podcast with Laila Saber Rodriguez ArtEZ Institute of the Arts.

Cruda collective Interview for Collide 24, platfrom for collaborations. 
With Laila Saber Rodriguez

The hmm speaker at MotelSpatie with Celine Caly.



Awhām Magazine: The Plant Issue.
Images accompaning Luïza Luz’s writtings. Berlin, DE.

ECOES #3, Sonic Acts Festival 2022 in Amsterdam.

SPREAD MAG Issue 5 Movement. De Allá pa Acá.

Panocha Zine: Ancestors Issue, Spell para atravesar One Hundred Homes by Cruda Collective
Arnhem, NL.

Playground Publication
With text: Grietas liquidas, Liquid cracks.
Arnhem, NL.

Daisyworld Mag Winter-Spring issue, Spell for Crossing written by Cruda Collective
Amsterdam, NL.

Snaky Zine Magic Issue, Shapeshifting Spell written by Cruda Collective

 Online Radio JaJaJaNeeNeeNee. With Laila Saber Rodriguez.
Amsterdam NL

Kiwi podcast.
Podcast ArtEZ. Studium Generale. With Honorus Programme.
Arnhem NL.


Spanish (MT), English (C1) . German (B1). Dutch (A2).
All Adobe Programs.
Riso Printing.
Arduino and handmade electronics.
Processing, html, css and basic javascript.
Resolume Arena.
Basic Unreal Engine 5. 
Basic Purr Data. *