Artist, Graphic Designer and Researcher
(ES, CL~1997)
Barcelona based.  

Andrea’s practice explores storytelling as a gesture to activate and enchant transformational experiences through her audiovisual installations, graphic work, performances, workshops, and lectures. Her focus on storytelling encompasses ecological narratives, animism, hybridity, magic, and dreams; which for her, re-enchant this world, open new worlds and allow for a regenerative narrative to birth in a society of rigidity and linearity. Her graphic language involves gestures such as ornaments, illustrations, photography, website design, and riso-printing.

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Cruda Collective 


Cicatrizes (2020)

During social movements the transformation of public space is key to understand the narrative of the country; the walls carry stories and tales from the people;the ground carries the sweat of the protesters; the ashes are left behind, and the water that was thrown over, which later evaporates. The video reflects on the materiality of those and their traces, the meaning of the water, the fire, the smell, and the layer of paint, as a form of cultural cleansing. 

The video attempts to unravel what lies underneath the layer of paint. As well as critiquing google maps or Satellite imagery that lack the historical memory of a country, in this case, Chile, a country with a present revolution and a recent dictatorship.

Shown at Homecinema: unreliable narrators.

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