Spell Para Atravesar 100 Homes

by Cruda collective

Spell Para Atravesar One Hundred Homes is a spell piece written and performed by the duo, Cruda Collective. Cruda, which means raw in Spanish, explores how alternative practices, especially magic and spell-writing can open worlds within this world, which reveal raw narratives. In the poetic video accompanying the spell, one goes through a visual ritual that is symbolic of the hybrid transformation that the spell elicits. Spell Para Atravesar One Hundred Homes is all about finding the experience of home within many homes, and worlds. The duo speaks in mixed tongues, Spanish & English. This broken language, for them, is a reflection of belonging to multiple realities and cultural contexts, therefore embodying a hybrid themselves. “Que una broken tongue is also a tongue” (Cruda). The Hybrid is not only an approach in their writing and practice, but is as well an archetype that is awakened to narrate history as fluid.

Exhibition view in “Common Joy isn’t for us” part of Priviledgue of Dreaming invited by Interspace Collecitve at  Galery After the Butcher, Berlin.

Stgo CL / Berlin DE