Kinetic Continum Plant, that moves only when watered. Originating from the question: How can we link a digital organism with organic matter? And what if, for its movement, this organism not only depended on electricity and cables, but also on water, just like a plant? We focus on moss, exploring the possibility that it is not connected to the ground, but rather constitutes the soil for the structure itself. For this digital plant to move, it needs to be watered, turning the piece interactive for the audience. The plant follows a cycle of movement that persists until it is no longer wet. The lights represent each turn the plant makes and can be manipulated through OSC, sent by other organisms, playing with the idea of nature and technology as a symbiotic ecosystem. 

Proyect in collaboration with Rocío Goméz (aka RosaRosaRosa) and Ander Vallejo Larre (When plants Sing). 

Sound Design by Ander Vallejo Larre. 

film stills: Living Riddles (2023)

Stgo CL / Berlin DE