LIVING RIDDLES (Acertijos Vivos) is a video installation that conceives Lichens as a mythical entity of profound intrigue. Throughout a tapestry of videos, text, and audio, lichen's enigmatic and intricate nature compels us to ponder the genesis of life upon our terrestrial plane, the complex web connecting diverse species, and the essence of our own human identity. In their enigmatic nature, Lichens unfold as a cascade of queries, provoking contemplation rather than resolution. The work endeavors to meld the realms of science fact, rooted in tangible reality, with science fiction, stretching the boundaries of speculative storytelling, in order to rekindle the enchantment surrounding lichen, transforming it into a mystical being of wonder and magic. 

Within the realm of Living Riddles, Lichens assume a rebellious countenance, embodying resilience and embracing the intricacies of polyamory, unreservedly embracing its openly hybrid nature. Simultaneously, it invites spectators to shed the shackles of their limiting definitions. This myth unfurls through three phases: Interstellar Ancestor, Symbiotic Dreams, and Liminal Beings.


Concept, visuals, myth: Andrea Galano Toro
Recording, Composition, Sound Design & Mix: Anderson Kaltner
Voice: Tomaz Bevilaqua Ferreira

Typography:  DINdong por Clara Sambot

External visuals: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio

Video Recordings during Valley Of The Possible Terra Preta (2022) Residency

Thanks to the support and funding of Museo del Hongo

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film stills: Living Riddles (2023)

Stgo CL / Berlin DE