Hilos en Hilos


Title Screens/ Portals for the film Hilos en Hilos(2023) by Laila Saber Rodriguez and MArco Cariola. More about the film ︎︎︎
The portals indicate transitions from life, death, whir-hole and rebirth. The drawings are Inspired in of hybrid creatures, gates, fences and suns. Later combined with handwritting by laila’s father Alaa Saber.

Director: Laila Saber Rodriguez
Music: Marco Caricola
Director of Photography: Joris van den Einden
Performers: Shynna Kalis, Davy Koopman, Iris Bosker, Gabriel Giordano, Mina & Gauthama Manawanduge
Portal Designs: Andrea Galano Toro

Stgo CL / Berlin DE