Video installation, based on the location of the former military airfield in Deelen. 

In collaboration with Jane Lee and Kristina Michakova.

A landscape is composed of 3 pieces: The floor, the wall, the ceiling. The grass, the trees, the sky.

They overlap horizontally - it has always been this way.

Afterimage explores this façade and flattens its depth. Afterimage creates new landscapes.

Do we have a say in our own visual experience?

Could the images displayed on our sensory transmission devices be a conscious choice?

The landscape or subject that the sight beholds is inseparable from what we already know.

There is no place for a singular objective truth here and the act of seeing is established on merely instinctual reflexes.

What we think we see is pre - learned, pre-decided and the images- preexisting.

The act of seeing is not immediate. We use records and fragments of memory as our main view on the world.

Three questions remain unanswered:

So, is there one reality?

What do others see?

And what are we missing out on?

Stgo CL / Arnhem NL